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Dedicated to personalizing effective care at affordable prices —
through meaningful yoga and client-centered coaching.
Your best version is a matter of understanding and accepting yourself!
Initial Assessments are always FREE. How can I help you reach your Wellness Dreams?

Stretch your fascia and improve your strength, balance, flexibility, and immunity all while lowering your stress levels.


Receive guidance, accountability, and support in making manageable lifestyle changes to improve and sustain your overall wellness.


Learn about sustainable and natural living, holistic health, and your highest potential so that you may serve your right to happiness.

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As a lifelong student and practitioner of Adaptive Yoga & Ayurveda, Plant-Based Nutrition, and Integrative Health, I am no stranger to the medicine that is already naturally available to us. This is movement, meditation, and our ability to cook what Mama Earth gives us. I can lead you through a safe, educational, and inspiring experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, empowered, and fulfilled. My practice is "whole-listic" and client-centered. This means that I will guide you with your unique individuality and experiences in mind; we will integrate these with the all-around dimensions of health for more effective and lifelong benefits. And with affordable prices, memberships to fit your needs, and the ability to choose your own payment, guidance with health & wellness have never been so accessible. You should have a full life of quality well-being so that you may thrive and prosper. Now is your time!

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Whole Person Health Course
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Aimée R. - Yoga Teacher

In my time knowing the sweet and energetic Danielle, she has always shown compassion, integrity, and love to all those who enter her life. Her Yoga practice is filled with ease, peacefulness, and acceptance - never leaving anyone feel unseen. Danielle has always encouraged balance and health through her everyday life and has always supported anyone around her who yearned to learn more regarding either subject. She is one of the most genuine, encouraging, and accepting women I have had the privilege to come to know. All my love ❤

Kayla P. - Mentor for Women

I am extremely grateful for the numerous experiences I've been able to have with Danielle - working relationships through yoga and coaching, as a friend, and being in many other different environments together. Seeing her in these spaces continue to show me that her presence is extremely warm, inviting, and trustworthy. Danielle creates a safe space and she's extremely knowledgeable in helping anyone get through their struggles. Whether as a Yoga teacher or Health Coach, I would highly recommend her to everyone! ❤

Hannah K. - Health Coach

Danielle is an incredible soul! She is powerful beyond measure. She is so empathic and understanding and knows how to shift your mindset from a negative place to a positive, supportive space. She is always willing to lend a helping hand towards anything that you need and is willing to go above and beyond for any project she is committed to. I would trust Danielle with my darkest secrets and lean on her to make me feel better after a challenging day. She takes initiative to find solutions to problems that you didn’t even know were there. I can truly count on her as a coach and as a friend for anything.

Alex S. - Empowerment Coach

From the moment I met Danielle, I knew she was a go-getter. She is so dedicated to everything she does and truly puts her heart into it all ❤ She is a radiant light and she lights up my days. Whether in her yoga classes, her teachings, and her coaching, she truly adds her unique personality and perspective to them. She has so many dreams and desires to make the world a better place and whoever works with and for her will see that right away. I’m so glad to have met her and see her growth over time. I’m happy to call her a friend and excited to see where she goes in life ❤

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