Detoxify Your Health

Kayla P. - Shadow Worker & Trauma-Informed Mentor for Women

Where do I begin when it comes to Danielle! First off, I am extremely grateful for the numerous experiences I've been able to have with her - working relationships, as a friend, and being in many different environments together Seeing Danielle in these spaces continue to show that her presence is extremely warm and inviting. She creates a safe space and she's extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her to everyone! ❤

Alex S. - Women Empowerment Coach

From the moment I met Danielle, I knew she was a go-getter. She is so dedicated to everything she does and truly puts her heart into it all ❤ She is a radiant light and she lights up my days. In her yoga classes, her teachings, and her coaching, she truly adds her unique personality and perspective to it. She has so many dreams and desires to make the world a better place and whoever works for her will see that right away. I’m so proud to have met her and see her growth overtime. I’m happy to call her a friend and excited to see where she goes in life ❤

Hannah K. - Food Freedom Coach

Danielle is an incredible soul! She is powerful beyond measure. She is so empathic and understanding and knows how to shift your mindset from a negative place to a positive, supportive space. She is always willing to lend a helping hand towards anything that you need and is willing to go above and beyond for any project she is committed to. I would trust Danielle with my darkest secrets and lean on her to make me feel better after a challenging day. She takes initiative to find solutions to problems that you didn’t even know were there. I can truly count on Danielle as a coach and as a friend for anything.