De-Stress With Yoga

Patricia L. - Administrative Services

I have done the poses many times and was never aware of certain benefits they provide me. Danielle is very informative. She connects the knowledge that she has into her classes, and I always feel the benefits. I admit that when I started this Yoga journey, I knew I could expect breathing, meditating, stretching, and reducing stress. These expectations were met and more. What I have also found is that I do not have lower back pain for a few days straight now. And I have had lower back pain since I was in high school 40 years ago. I am amazed right now that regular gym exercise for 45 years hasn’t helped me with my back pain, but yoga has!

William K. - College Professor

Of all my years of taking yoga classes with many different teachers, Danielle is one of the best! I really like her positive attitude about her willingness to learn. Not a lot of teachers know how to listen to their students. Every time Danielle is on my schedule to substitute at the gym, I go. She always does an amazing job!

Aimeé R. - RYT & Student

In my time knowing the sweet and energetic Danielle, she has always shown compassion, integrity, and love to all those who enter her life. Her Yoga practice is filled with ease, peacefulness, and acceptance - never leaving anyone feel unseen. Danielle has always encouraged balance and health through her everyday life and has always supported anyone around her who yearned to learn more regarding either subject. She is one of the most genuine, encouraging, and accepting women I have had the privilege to come to know. All my love ❤

Briana A. - Real Estate

Going to Danielle’s yoga class was truly amazing and impressive. Not only did I appreciate the unique flow but I loved how she guided the class through the poses and NAMED them with their specific benefits. I’ve been to many yoga classes and I can honestly say hers was a memorable one. I strongly recommend! ❤ She has also inspired me to study the arts of of Yoga and be a teacher myself!

Brianna G. - Healthcare Management

I have had several sessions with Danielle as my instructor and she is truly amazing. She has a very bubbly, yet calming personality that really shines through when she teaches. She is also very friendly and makes all her clients feel welcome. I'm relatively new to yoga and she gave me some great pointers to improve my technique and to make sure I don't injure myself. I always feel refreshed after my yoga sessions with Danielle. I highly recommend her.

Rhishabh K. - Tech Security Engineer

Dani's mere presence makes me feel peaceful. She reminds me to focus more on developing my mind, body, and soul connection. Her way of explanation about the body and mind amazes me. Her online explanations for Yoga is hassle-free, too. The best thing is that she invests her energy on taking care of her clients’ mental health as well as their physical bodies. Love... Love... (: